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9 reasons why I would settle in Slovenia

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I’m saying not that Slovenia is the only place in the world that I am taking in consideration when it comes to settling. I am writing these reasons about Slovenia because here I had my longest stay so far.

1. Scenery

One of the first reasons I can think about would be the scenery. I don’t mean the breathtaking sunsets that I see almost every evening. No, no, no. I refer to the hilly areas. The valleys and the rivers that cut through little mountains.
For me, these surroundings reminds me of my hometown which looks very similar to what I’ve described. Slovenia’s scenery invites you to take long walks through the almost untouched forests. Or to go and sit by a river and just enjoy the life around you.
Although people are actually living here(believe it or not) the calmness and tranqu...

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Get rid of your fear of traveling and start your trip!

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You shouldn’t be afraid of traveling. It will only help you grow and discover your inner self.

When I started my trip I was also afraid.

I understand you. Only the thought of actually taking the first step in your adventure makes your heart skip a bit or two. I know how it is. Do you think I felt different when I started my trip? Do you think I am made by something else besides flesh and bones? No! I am just like you.

When I decided to start my trip (this being my first time going abroad) I knew I am crazy and I was s*itless  quite scared.

I was scared of what I might do and also about the reactions I will get from my friends and from the people I care about. It’s normal to be scared of the unknown. In fact it’s natural.

The night before I started my trip I didn’t sleep at all...

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The beauty of randomness

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Oh, this weekend was so crazy that I don’t even know where to start from, hahaha.

Ok. So, my facebook friend from Taiwan arrived on Friday to my place. She hitchhiked for a week from Croatia to Slovenia and back to Croatia for Plitvice National Park. After she arrived we went for a short walk through the town and after a nice dinner we enjoyed a glass of wine in a bar near my place.

On Saturday we started our adventure. And it was an adventure indeed.

Metlika is a border town so we went to its outskirts and found a spot to hitchhike. After half an hour of not being picked up we decided to cross the border by foot and find a place in Croatia. We were thinking that maybe the drivers were not picking us up because of the border.

Ok… and we arrived at the border...

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Life lessons from the dance floor

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As you might already know, last weekend I went to Krško for a party.

The plan was quite simple: get there by hitchhike, have fun, dance, drink, enjoy the other EVS volunteers and come back home. Luckily for me, during the “dance, drink, enjoy the other EVS volunteers” part, I managed to learn some life lessons.

The trip to Krško was quite fast. Me and Francesco(my flatmate) got rides in approx. 15 minutes of waiting, which is very good for our area and especially for the weekend. The girls who invited all of us were a bit overwhelmed by us because 12 of us came, from all over Slovenia. Probably they didn’t expect so many but no one cared and we found solutions for sleeping and everything.

After a small tour of the city we started our aperitif(white wine) and chips and after a whil...

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Women, I feel you!

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